National Forests  
I have each area broken down into different categories.  When you click on a link it will open it in either a new browser window or a new tab depending on what web browser you are using.  I have the data stored in Excel and each time I save the file it also exports a copy into an html file.  I find this is easier to manipulate because you cannot sort data in a html table among other things.  Once I have all the data entered in, it will be converted to a html file that looks nicer than an exported Excel file.

Note:  There are probably mistakes, be patient while I generate the pages.  Also, ATV trail 917 is the format I think I will stick with throughout the website.  Also, any pictures taken on September 7th will be replaced with new photos taken with a DSLR camera vs taken with my iPhone the day I was out experimenting.  Any page marked "soon" has had the trail photographed but the page has not been created yet.

Area ATV Trails Roads Seasonal Roads Campgrounds Directions
Sawtooth - Albion          
Sawtooth - Black Pine          
Sawtooth - Cassia View View   See Roads for now. View
Sawtooth - Raft River          
Sawtooth - Sublet View View      
Sawtooth - Fairfield          
Sawtooth - Ketchum          
Sawtooth National Forest          
Pocatello West Side North          
Pocatello West Side South          
Boise National Forest          

Directions:  Once you open one of these links you will then have the ability to click on the road or trail number if it has a page with pictures and a description of the trail.  Once that page is open, you will see all the photos that have been taken.  At the bottom of the page you will find a KMZ file.  Open that file in Google Earth.  You will now see the trail in red overlaid over the Earth.  Each picture is marked on the red trail with a blue thumbtack.  Click on each blue thumbtack to see a thumbnail of the picture that was taken at that location.  You can also set your Internet browser and Google Earth side by side and you can see where each picture was taken.

Click on Garmin Adventures to see the trail in Garmin Adventures.  This is self explanatory once you click the link. 

Disclaimer:  Please be aware that the photos show what the conditions were like at the time they were taken.  The trails may have new hazards, or existing hazards have been remedied since the page was created.  These pages are intended to show an "overview" of the trail, not tell you exactly what to watch out for.


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