Visual Rides of Southern Idaho ATV Trails  

In 2010 I purchased my first ATV after going out with friends on an ATV trip.  I was new to the ATV experience and didn't know where it was ok to ride it so I started doing some research.  After using the power of Google, researching the various laws, and purchasing a GPS, I started spending more time in the mountains.  In the summer of 2012 I kept thinking to myself  "I'm going to make a website with all the information I have gathered to help others who are new at this sport" and this summer I finally started this project.

This website is not even close to being complete.  I have tons of data, but sorting through it takes a lot of time and taking pictures of every trail is going to take an even longer time so please be patient if you find consistency errors, etc.

Links for information I have created

  • Forest Trails - Go here if you want to find out where to ride.  This the core feature of my website.  Most of the work that is completed is in the Cassia Division of the Sawtooth Forest, otherwise known locally as the South Hills.
  • GPS Data and KMZ files - Download GPS data in GPX format and Google Earth KMZ format for your own use.
  • Avenza Maps - Go here if you have an iPhone\iPad or Android device and want to view the Forest Service MVUM's on it.
  • Garmin Custom ATV Maps - My own custom maps of the southern half of Idaho.

Offsite Links - Opens in a new window

General Information
While I have tried to make things as accurate as possible, always double check my information with the official MVUM of the areas you ride.  Abide by all laws whether federal, state or local.  Stay on the trails, and don't go onto private property unless you have permission.  If you come across a gate, leave it as you found it (open or closed).  Pack it in-Pack it out.  This website is not part of the Forest Service or any other governmental agency.  If you find something wrong with my data, please let me know...
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