Sawtooth Forest - Sublet Division - ATV Trails
Trail # Name Length Rating Condition Base Width Incline Water Topography Scenery Dangers Notes
188 Indian Fork - East 1.70 Average Needs maintenance Soil ATV plus extra Slight No   Mostly through trees. Large rock in a deep rut - easy to tip over sideways Where it intesects with 837 it is difficult to find.  West of 837 is more difficult, but East of 837 it is fairly easy but has lots of v channel  ruts in the trail.
188 Indian Fork - West 2.50 Difficult Needs maintenance Soil Narrow most of the way Moderate No Mostly in the valley     Barely room for the atv between trees, need tight turning radius in spots
802 Mud Spring 4.30 Average   Hard pack gravel Passing room Moderate No Top of the ridge Open desert. Nothing of note Not marked on MVUM correctly!  Most of the trail does not exist
836 Mill Flat ATV 1.40 Easy Good condition Soil ATV plus extra Slight No Hillside cut Mostly through trees. Sharp corners.  Watch for oncoming atv's. Beginner trail
837 Line Canyon 1.60 Difficult Deep washouts and ruts Soil and rock ATV only Steep No Top of the ridge Mostly open desert, some trees. Bad rock crossing, danger of tipping  
903 Antelope 4.20 Expert   Loose gravel ATV plus extra Extreme No Top of the ridge Open desert. West of 802 it has a 37 degree hill for 300 feet.  Loose rock and fairly dangerous.  See link for details. Not marked on the MVUM correctly!  East of 802 intersection a portion of the trail does not exist.  
907 Spring Canyon 0.40 Easy Good condition Soil Passing room Slight No Valley Through the trees Nothing of note  
908 Antelope Spur 0.70                   Not marked on the MVUM Correctly!  Where it connects with road 711 it is shown on the map correctly, but follows a different path and connects to 903 in a different location.
988 Fall Creek 0.60                    
  Total Trail 17.40                    
  Updated on 09/12/13