Download GPX Data and KMZ Data  

Area Roads Seasonal Roads ATV Trails Waypoints
Sawtooth - Albion Division  
Sawtooth - Black Pine Division  
Sawtooth - Cassia Division GPX 9-14-13
KMZ 9-14-13
GPX - 10-13-13
KMZ - 10-13-13
GPX (9-14-13)
KMZ (9-14-13)
GPX - 10-13-13
KMZ 10-13-13
Sawtooth - Raft River GPX or KMZ
Sawtooth - Sublet Division All - GPX and All - KMZ
Sawtooth - Fairfield Ranger District        
Sawtooth - Ketchum Ranger District        
Sawtooth National Forest        

Download GPX files to your computer and open in Garmin Basecamp or any other software that can access GPX data.  Download KMZ files to your computer, or, choose "open" when downloading and they will open in Google Earth.
Note 1:  In my travels I have run across roads in the forest that are marked as a road on the MVUM, however, after riding on them, I don't believe a vehicle could actually go on it so I have moved the GPX track from my "roads" folder in my GPS to the "ATV trails" folder instead.  If you download the Cassia Division ATV GPX file you will see that Road 242 Magic Westside, among others, is marked that way.  If you don't like this, just move the roads over into the appropriate folder on your own computer. 

My intention is not to deceive the user, but to tell you that even though the forest service claims you can drive a vehicle on it, most people don't.

Note 2:  All GPX files have as many data points as possible and have elevation profiles set according to Garmins Topo 24K maps.  Some trails have been rerouted from what you see on the MVUM and my GPX files have the correct coordinates unless otherwise noted on this part of my website.

Note 2:  Waypoints include all the data I have gathered in the area including campsites, dispersed campsites, water spigots, outhouses, areas of interest and other things that I have found interesting.  Not all the areas of interest can be reached via vehicle and you may have to walk to them either via hiking trail or hiking "cross country"

Note 3:  If you find errors in my data, please let me know!
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