Nevada Land Ownership  

The following Garmin map is a shaded map that will give you basic land ownership in the state such as Forest Service, BLM, Private, Fish and Game, etc, ownership.  This map is useful if you want to know what entity owns land surrounding or in a National Forest or BLM ground.

Download:    Windows Version   Mac Version

Release notes:

1.  These maps were updated on September 2,  2014.

2.  Some areas of the state are missing because the data is not available in the BLM dataset.

3.  I am just learning about how to make shaded maps so this map could change frequently over time. 

Legal stuff:

The data in the map was downloaded from the Nevada GIS website. 


  1. Download the file you need.

  2. Run the Windows executable and follow the directions to install it.  On the Mac file, open the ZIP file and do whatever you normally do (I don't have a Mac at home, sorry)

  3. Open BaseCamp, and in your map list you find it in the list of map products.

  4. Now, once the map is in BaseCamp, transfer it to your GPS like you would transfer any map to it (inside BaseCamp, go to Maps - Install Maps, etc...)

  5. If you download and install a newer version of this map in BaseCamp, you also have to transfer the new map to your GPS.  I would suggest deleting the map from the GPS and then reinstall the new one.